About Us
how it started?
Mental health is a subject riddled with stigma, sensitive issues and concerns. The discrimination caused by stigma can only be eradicated through continuous efforts to create awareness.
This will encourage acceptance, and help those suffering from mental illnesses to gain freedom. We hope to reinforce the fact that most concerns are treatable, just like any other medical condition.
In order to empower professionals, teachers, parents and families of the community, we, at Mpower, work towards creating a body of knowledge, expertise and specialists in the field of mental health & providing those in need with
resources and
training and
Founder & Chairperson
Mpower started as an ambitious dream. Then, it became a solemn vow. Now, it is a passionately on-going endeavour to be the Movement to affect change; to promote mental health and well-being in the most holistic manner conceivable. We empower individuals and their families from all walks of life by creating awareness, fostering education and alleviating stigma vis-à-vis mental health. We provide holistic care, interventions and treatments that are world-class and multi-disciplinary, so that individuals with mental concerns may lead meaningful and productive lives with the utmost respect and dignity.
Ananya BIRLA
Co-Founder & Co-Chairperson
Although mental illness is just as common as physical illness, it is surrounded by shame, stigma and fear which isolates people when they need support the most. So many of our friends and family are having to suffer in silence. Awareness of and support for those affected by mental health issues needs to be a priority. Everyone deserves a happy and wholesome life. Mpower is a fight for equality. I want everyone with a mental illness to be understood and treated just like any other illness is treated. Great things can be achieved, if we all worked together to #StampOutStigma.
Our mission is to empower individuals and their families with mental health concerns by creating awareness and alleviating stigma; advocating prevention, fostering education, and providing world-class holistic services so that they may lead meaningful and productive lives with respect and dignity.
Mpower aims to help create a society where people with mental health concerns and their caregivers receive professional support, care and acceptance to facilitate their recovery, without facing discrimination or shame. Mpower hopes to help in bringing about change in the public perception of people coping with mental health concerns, and facilitate recovery without facing discrimination or shame, whilst simultaneously bringing change to policy and public life.
The music therapy workshop for children helped me learn so much about how my child feels & behaves.
Looking forward to more workshops for children.
I was motivated as I heard that the YMHFA training session is going to be very much fruitful for the school children. I am definitely going to let everybody know about this programme.
As an educator, my concerns have always been the mental well-being of my students, without which his/her preparation, participation & performance would fall through. The YMHFA programme has helped me know more about my students.
The YMHFA programme came as a blessing in disguise as it introduced me to the practical aspect of mental health & get rid of the myths involved.
My daughter & I are happy with the services of Mpower. There have been a lot of changes in my daughter’s behaviour. The psychologist is guiding us well.
Over the past 10 sessions that I have attended, I can feel the change in my activities and I feel good about seeking help at Mpower.
My son has improved very well after the sessions at Mpower.
The Psychologists at Mpower are very cooperative. The sessions are doing well for me and my habits.