Afsaneh and the Magical Backpack

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Afsaneh who lived in an old corner house with her family. One day Afsaneh’s mother gave her a ‘magical back-pack’ in which she could carry everything she loved. Afsaneh’s dark eyes shone with the possibilities of all that this magical back-pack could hold. One by one she began to put things into that back-pack. Her old house and her parents and her siblings and her school-room and her books and her poetry and the songs on the radio...all of whom and which she loved very much. And with each new item, the back-pack became heavier. Heavier with the weight of all the joy and sorrow, Wider with the all the hopes and hurt, Bigger with all dreams and failures- that each item carried. Afsaneh’s magic began to grow, but so did her ‘little girl shoulders’, grow weary with the burden of alllllll the things she loved. Until one day, without her realizing, she had grown old with a hunched back. The gift of her magical back-pack.

And then one day, just like that, it was the first day of school for Afsaneh’s little girl. And she said to her mother, “Mama, will you please help carry my back-pack?” Afsaneh, only for a moment, put down her back-pack and held out her arm to help her little girl. But felt a strange sensation. For the first time in her life, her arms felt not so weary. Her shoulders felt not so droopy. And her back had lost its hunch. Afasaneh took her little girls back-pack and said, “Let’s carry it together”!

Afsaneh had learnt a magical lesson from her daughter’s ordinary back-pack. You don’t need magic to get through life, just a little help from your friends. And family. And those that know a thing or two about back-packs! Love doesn’t mean carrying alllllll the load of that you love.
It means sharing the load.
It means sharing the love.
It means holding out a hand, to hold, to be held and to behold.


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Kausar Munir

Kausar Munir

Lyricist & Screenwriter