Through Mpower - The Movement, we actively strive to Stamp Out Stigma associated with Mental Health Concerns. In India, it is extremely difficult to change perceptions related to mental health. The greatest challenge lies in overhauling the deep-rooted conditioning in society which perceives mental illnesses as an inherently bad thing. This manifests itself as guilt in the minds of individuals who have mental health concerns and they begin to see it as a personal failing. Through our Movement, we strive to bring about a cultural shift and a change in the mindset of people by addressing misconceptions, fostering positive attitudes, disseminating correct information, and alleviating stigma related to mental illnesses.
With our Movement, we strive to bring about a cultural shift and a change in the mindset of people by:
positive attitudes
correct information
10th September 2018
Working together to prevent suicide
Every year, 10th September is observed as an awareness day for suicide prevention, in order to commit towards the cause of preventing suicides, with various activities. The solemn undertaking on this day is to #StampOutStigma around the topic of suicide prevention.
10th October 2018
World Mental Health Day
Every year, 10th October is observed an awareness day for the world mental health awareness, to educate & advocate against the stigma.
Ride to mpower
11th march 2018
Ride to Mpower is an initiative by Mpower - The Movement, aimed at spreading awareness and challenging stigma experienced by people with mental health problems.
Gen M
MMRDA Grounds
12th Nov, 2017
Mpower presents Gen M was a music concert featuring Arijit Singh, that championed the cause of Mental Health and brought together 20,000 Mumbaikars on 12th November 2017, at MMRDA Grounds to spark the dialogue about Mental Wellbeing.